Case Study - Preparing to Raise Biotech Capital

Challenge - A startup with novel science but little drug development experience needs to raise capital to progress to the next stage.


Situation - A small biotech had initially raised angel money that allowed them to identify several lead compounds that inhibited a pathway thought to be important in cancer. With the financial resources coming to an end, the company needed more investment to move forward. The founder did not have the drug development experience but knew additional expertise would be essential for the best chance of success.


Solution - S3B consultants partnered with the biotech employees to create the optimal development plan. Through a series of conference calls, data summaries were reviewed to understand work completed to date with more detailed information provided as needed. S3B consultants then reviewed the literature to understand related research conducted on the pathway. Based on all available data and S3B's insights, a list of indications based on the science and disease biology was proposed.

By understanding the unmet medical need and competitive landscape of the target indications, S3B proposed the lead indication. Experiments were designed to validate the target and develop a strategy to identify a candidate with optimal pharmacologic characteristics that could be taken into clinical trials. S3B created and presented an operational plan that included a comprehensive budget. The plan laid out the activities which allows the client to reach the milestone of identifying a Development Candidate within 18-months. Lastly, a document and corresponding slide deck outlining the strategy were provided and are being used in discussions with potential investors.

Outcome - Based on the expertise and materials S3B provided, more doors have been opened and active discussions with potential investors are underway.


How does S3B assists you to develop or optimize a pharmaceutical strategy? A team augments and collaborates with your internal resources and needs will be assigned. S3B will work with you to identify regulatory, operational and competitive challenges. Working together, the team will outline both an optimal development strategy and execution plan that will balance major scientific questions to be answered with time and cost.

Know the indications but need to identify the optimal strategy to execute? S3B will work with you to identify the regulatory, operational, competitive pricing and reimbursement challenges and then help create the optimal development and execution strategy.