S3B Consulting partners with biotech companies to identify risks and essential resources in order to develop and optimize development and operational strategies.  Services include:

  • Pharmaceutical Strategy Development - Translating science into a successful business requires diligent analysis of market environment, competitive intelligence and key operational/timing considerations to create the ideal development strategy.

  • Pricing and Reimbursement Strategy  - Pricing is the most important profit lever and plays a key role in the development of the optimal pharmaceutical strategy.  Complicated by various national reimbursement procedures, positioning and pricing strategies require informed research design and experienced interpretation to set profitable pricing and reimbursement goals.

  • Resource Development and Planning - All strategies require a robust execution plan to ensure company goals are achieved.  Objective third-party evaluation of current resources to determine and implement the optimal operational strategy essential to meet quality expectations, timing goals and budget targets.

  • Probability of Technical and Regulatory Success Assessment (PTRS) - Recognized as a key metric in risk assessment, PTRS is used throughout the biopharma industry to evaluate the probability of product approval by global health authorities.  Utilizing industry benchmarks, products are evaluated and potential risks are identified to provide valuable insight into future success.

  • Risk Mitigation Planning - A systematic assessment to identify potential risks and design contingency and mitigation plans to diminish the likelihood of major program delays.