S3B Consulting, LLC supports venture capital and private equity firms providing additional risk assessment on key elements affecting ROI.  Services include:

  • Development Plan Assessment - Evaluation of development plan(s) to determine effectiveness in retiring risk and adding value through the use of market analysis, competitive intelligence and key operational considerations.

  • Probability of Technical and Regulatory Success Assessment (PTRS) - Recognized as a key metric in risk assessment, PTRS is used to evaluate the probability of product approval by health authorities.  Utilizing industry benchmarks, products are evaluated and potential risks are identified to provide valuable insight into future success.

  • Pricing and Reimbursement Strategy - Pricing is an important profit lever in designing the optimal pharmaceutical strategy. Positioning and pricing strategies require informed research design and experienced interpretation to set profitable pricing and reimbursement goals.

  • Competition Assessment - Assessing the competitive landscape can identify questions that, when answered, can provide a competitive advantage and possibly speed a drug to market.

  • Milestone Risk Assessment - Identify risks effecting the timing and achievement of key milestone to better inform the development of robust exit strategies.

  • Pipeline Assessment - Strategic and operational complexity is proportional to the size of a company's pipeline. Balancing the company's needs with the available resources are critical to maximizing the company's ROI.